Surviving 33k: NYSC Corpers Share Their Experience.

Surviving 33k: NYSC Corpers Share Their Experience.

5 NYSC Corpers share their experience with managing 33k monthly

The government supports each NYSC member with a monthly stipend of N33,000($50). At some point, it used to be N19,800 ($30), but it was increased a while ago. Many say that the money is barely enough for them to live on, so we spoke to 5 NYSC Corpers about how they manage their monthly allowance.



My experience so far has been underwhelming. In all honesty, the NYSC allowance is supposed to be a decent amount, but because of the current inflation rate, It’s barely enough to get any substantial thing done. In estimated percentages, here’s how I mostly spend it; transport (30%), Mobile Data (30%), Savings(25%), and Miscellaneous(15%). Once the money drops below the 30k mark, it is finished. I’m a Software Engineer, so I have a decent salary. I also have some paid side gigs I do occasionally. I’m happy I have another job; that has helped a lot.



So right from the moment I got my PPA I already knew how much transport would cost (about 1k daily), and seeing as I work Monday – Saturday, I already prepared my mind that the 33k is for my transport with no room for the likes of Uber/bolt. Luckily my PPA also pays a reasonable amount compared to others, so that covers stuff like lunch at work and any extra cost from transport with no room for savings, talk more of balling.

This is why remote work is great — I have another remote job, and what I earn from it is primarily channeled towards savings, achieving personal goals, and occasional balling.