Zero to One: How Goodness Is Thriving At Entrepreneurship.

Zero to One: How Goodness Is Thriving At Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship! Embarking on this thrilling road is not for the faint of heart. It takes an unshakable passion, a crystal-clear sense of purpose, and the unwavering belief that one can make a difference.

 In this interview, we dive into the incredible story of Goodness, a software engineer turned entrepreneur who fearlessly pursued his dreams, defying societal norms and finding his own trail to success.

 From the classrooms of English and Literary studies to web development and communication solutions, Goodness opens up about the transformative moments and invaluable lessons that have shaped his entrepreneurial adventure.

 So, come along as we explore the power of determination, the significance of financial stability, and the resolute commitment to positively impacting the world.

Please tell me about yourself, your background, what you studied in school, and your current work?

Absolutely! My name is Goodness Kayode, and I was born and raised in Lagos. Currently, I work as a software engineer specializing in software development. Before that, I studied English language and Literary studies in school but later switched to tech during my first year. I found a passion for web development and began creating functional websites. This motivated me to start my freelancing business and eventually transition into entrepreneurship.

 That’s impressive! What was your first business venture that made you realize you wanted to pursue entrepreneurship?

While in school, I discovered a coding boot camp that sparked my interest through the stories of young entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Their ability to create something impactful and profitable at a young age inspired me, even though I didn’t have access to a laptop at the time.

Driven by curiosity, I decided to invest in learning how to code. I started with Python but eventually shifted my focus to PHP, only to return to Python later on. My first experience building a functional website was for my father, who promised to pay me 2000 naira. The excitement I felt was immeasurable, although he ended up not paying me.

Motivated by this initial success, I took on website projects for two different departments in my school. It was during this time that I realized I had the potential to do even better and expand my offerings. I established a small agency called Codebag that served as a front for my freelancing business, marking my early foray into entrepreneurship.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in an AI chatbot hackathon hosted by Facebook. Although we didn’t achieve the grand results we had hoped for, the experience was invaluable and further fueled my entrepreneurial spirit.

These were the formative days of my journey, where I discovered my passion for coding, explored different technologies, and started building my entrepreneurial path brick by brick.

That’s quite a journey! How have you managed to contribute to society through your work?

I’ve made a difference by offering accessible and affordable web solutions. I’ve helped businesses establish their online presence and improve their customer engagement. I believe I can contribute to their growth and success by empowering businesses with effective digital communication tools. Seeing the positive impact on my clients and their customers inspires me to keep pushing forward.

 It’s remarkable to hear how you’ve impacted others. What has been a significant highlight for you since you started your entrepreneurial journey? A moment that made you feel successful?

Releasing my first major project, securing venture capital, was a proud moment for me. It proved that I could accomplish what I set out to do and overcome any challenges. It served as a reminder that success is attainable when you believe in yourself.

That’s truly inspiring! Now, you mentioned that you currently run SendChamp. Could you tell me more about it and why you tackled this problem?

SendChamp is a solution I developed to address the communication challenges businesses face. It enables businesses to engage and retain customers across multiple channels, eliminating the constant need to switch platforms. Businesses can effectively manage their communication by integrating various messaging channels into one unified system. The idea came from my own experiences of struggling with affordable communication tools and the need for multiple channels. I realized that if I faced these issues, many other businesses must be experiencing the same obstacles. So, I decided to build SendChamp to help businesses streamline their communication processes.

That sounds like a valuable solution! Lastly, what is the most important lesson being an entrepreneur has taught you so far?

The most crucial lesson I’ve learned is the importance of financial stability. Money plays a significant role in entrepreneurship, and having enough resources allows you to focus on building and growing your business. I encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to have a financial plan in place and, if possible, start their venture as a side project while maintaining a stable income. Once your business starts generating revenue, you’ll have more freedom to pursue your dreams and make a positive impact.

Thank you for sharing that valuable lesson! What would it be if you had to give practical advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice would be that it is important to make a conscious decision to become an entrepreneur or not. Understand that the entrepreneurial journey has its ups and downs, and challenges will come along the way. But by taking control of your own destiny, you gain the ability to shape your future. Start with a clear vision, believe in your idea, and ensure you have a solid financial foundation.

Furthermore, Don’t be afraid to start small and grow gradually. Remember, entrepreneurship is a journey; with determination and focus, you can turn your passion into a successful venture.