4 Investors Tell Us Why They Invest

4 Investors Tell Us Why They Invest


I’m Nigerian, a middle-class banker, and I earn decent money. I’m not ‘rich rich’, but I make pretty much above the average salary earner. And honestly, my finances are doing great. However, as a banker, I know that my time in active service of the financial institution is limited, and I’ll leave the scene soon. 

I decided to go into investments because I’ll need a safety net when I retire. Currently, I’m used to living at a good socio-economic standard, and I won’t want to cut down on my basics after retirement because there aren’t active salaries.


I’m Kwabena – a Ghanaian. I’m a recent graduate from Kwame Nkrumah University, and I invest in stocks and crypto. Investment, for me, is a means to an end. I started investing because I wanted to accumulate long-term wealth.

Initially, I relied on saving a portion of my allowances monthly; however, I realized that inflation devalues my money over time when I leave it in a savings account.

This was why I chose to start investing in crypto and stocks. Today, I have multiplied my financial portfolio, and I am better for it.


I have a financial goal – Investment helps me reach it. Quarterly and annually, my financial objectives change. Sometimes, I’m just trying to make more money to buy a car, and other times, I’m just trying to pump my portfolio. Either way, I started investing because it helped me track my financial position and helped me see how to get to where I want to be.

Objectives and plans change, so I rely on investment platforms with various personalized plans.  


Here for the returns. I invest because I need my money to not grow like grass. I need it to, in fact, grow like an oak tree – tall, thick, and fruitful. My primary motivation for going into investing is the compound interest it offers. On all my investments, they amass interest both on the initial deposit I put in and on the accumulated interests from previous sessions. 

I buy assets and crypto because I know that investments grow with time, and I’m here for the returns and regular payouts.

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