When Life Gives You A Bear Market, Do This.

When Life Gives You A Bear Market, Do This.

Navigating a crappy bear market

Ever been a human being before? You see how there are super high days filled with good vibes and also really low days where you want the whole world to pause while you catch your breath. Ever bought crypto before? See how there are high days where we all know wagmi. Do you also see how there are low days, like this, where the market decides to catch its breath?

Here’s some data on previous market cycles:

2013-2015 BTC: $1,127 –> $200 (-82%)

2017-2018 BTC: $19,423 –> $3,217 (-83%) ETH: $1,448 –> $85 (-94%)

Current cycle: BTC: $67,167 –> $27,682 (-59%) ETH: $4,815 –> $1,466 (-69%)

Here’s What You Should Do

Ever bought something you didn’t really want because it was on sale? Notice how it becomes more attractive because the price is suddenly lower? For solid assets, the dip isn’t a threat; it is an opportunity if you invest the right way. With buying solid assets like bitcoin, the same reasoning applies.

  1. Play the long game: Bear markets test all investors’ resolve. While these times are difficult to bear, history indicates that the market will rebound. If you’re saving for a long-term goal, like retirement, the downturn markets you’ll face will be nothing compared to the bull markets. Money for short-term goals shouldn’t be invested. Even though it’s difficult to resist the urge to sell stocks when markets fall, it’s one of the finest things you can do for your portfolio.

    To play the long game, you have to invest the right money. You can’t invest the money you need for the short term. Money for your living expenses shouldn’t be put into investing. Only invest what you can afford to leave for the long term.