I make up to $160 monthly as a Cashramp agent

I make up to $160 monthly as a Cashramp agent

Hi Olaoluwa 🙂 Tell me about yourself.

My name is Olaoluwa; I’m a forex trader and web developer. I’m generally interested in the financial markets and crypto, so most of what I do are along those lines.

Oh, nice. When did you first hear about crypto?

I heard about crypto in 2019 in my final year at the University of Ibadan. A friend of mine told me about it; he said I could make money from it, so I got curious. I did some research and got more interested in the whole thing. Initially, I joined this Telegram group that someone created to help other people trade crypto; we were asked to send money so we could start trading. Without realizing it was a scam group, I sent some money, and the guy deleted me.

Lmaooo. So sorry about that.

Lol. It’s alright. That was my first experience trading crypto; things have improved since then.

How did that experience affect your view of crypto?

What’s been your experience as a Cashrsamp agent?

Lmaoo. Nice. How much do you make as a Cashramp agent currently?

I currently make up to ~$160 monthly.

Ah, that sounds nice.

Yeah, it’s been a good side hustle so far. As an agent, I always have to be vigilant, so I can take my orders because the more orders I complete, the more money I can make.

Should other people become Cashramp agents?