From Ghana to Nigeria In 2 minutes

From Ghana to Nigeria In 2 minutes

Hey Terencia. Please tell me a bit about yourself.

Lol. As you already know, my name is Terencia Tandoh, and I work as a business developer at Glyco Pensions.

Nice. How did you learn about Accrue?

A friend of mine on Twitter used to post about Accrue a lot. He used to say that people could save in dollar stablecoins and interest daily. At some point, I just downloaded the app because I got curious. Although I didn’t use it for a while after downloading it, I eventually got around to using it. When I started using it, I deposited like $5 to save in dollar stablecoins. It was a test amount for me to learn how the app works. After this, I used it to send money to my Aunt in Nigeria.

Love to see it. How did you move from wanting to test it out to sending your Aunt money?

I needed to send my Aunt, so I went to a bank in Ghana, but the whole process was very tedious, so I just gave up. I went on Twitter and asked if anyone knew how I could send money from Ghana to Nigeria easily.

Got some responses; Accrue was also suggested, so I decided to go with it.

How did that go for you? How fast was your transaction processed?

It happened fast. After two minutes, the agent told me they had sent my Aunt the money. I tried contacting my Aunt that day but couldn’t reach her. When I got to her the following day, she confirmed that she had received the money.