‘I Send Money Across Africa For My Business On Accrue’

‘I Send Money Across Africa For My Business On Accrue’

Sending money across Africa is tedious, and if you manage to, you’ll often lose a decent chunk to extortionate exchange rates and fees. Accrue helps you send money across Africa in less than 5 minutes! Don’t take our word for it; take Matthew’s:

How did you learn about Accrue?

I was previously using another app, and there were times when I’d send money to Ghana and Kenya, and the recipients could not withdraw it. I had to find another way to make these business transactions. 

How long did it take the recipient to receive the money sent through other payment apps?

Previously, I used two products for these cross-border payments to Ghana or Nigeria. One was fast, but sometimes it came with glitches, while the other one was very slow. It could take like three days. There was a time when it took about five days before the money was received.

Accrue solves this problem and helps me to send money very fast. One other exciting thing I like about Accrue is the exchange rates.

Would you recommend Accrue to your friends or other business contacts?

Yes, definitely. I have friends who faced this challenge of sending money recently. They will be excited about this when I refer them to the app.