Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana In 5 Minutes!

Send Money from Nigeria to Ghana In 5 Minutes!

Sending money from Nigeria to Ghana can be a hassle, with differences in exchange rates and financial regulation policies in different countries. As a business owner with a supplier in Ghana, the process of confirming payments can often be frustrating. However, sending money from Nigeria to Ghana should be a seamless experience. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use Accrue, the fastest way to send money from Nigeria to Ghana, for your money transfer needs.

How does it work?

The Benefits of Using Accrue to send money from Nigeria to Ghana

  • Competitive Rates: Accrue offers a flexible fee structure through our agent network. This allows you to find the best rates that suit your needs.
  • Speedy Transactions: Our agent network ensures swift and efficient transactions, with your money reaching its desired destination in minutes.
  • From the Accrue Mobile  App, Tap on “Send Money” at the lower right-hand corner of the screen

  • Tap on “Send money across Africa”

  • Tap on “Ghana” on the Choose your destination screen

  • Fill out the desired transfer amount and select the recipient’s bank. Tap on “Continue” to proceed with the transaction.

  • Tap on “Add a new Bank”

  • Fill out the recipient’s bank details and tap on “Continue “

  • For your own security, we will send a confirmation code to your email to verify the transaction. Input the confirmation code and tap “Continue “

  • Tap on the recipient’s bank details to continue your transaction. 

  • Verify the amount you want to send, and the amount our agent would be sending to your recipient, then tap “Initiate transfer “

  • At this point, your transaction is in progress, awaiting our agent’s confirmation… you are almost done. 

  • Yes! Your payment has been successfully completed. 

Your transaction has been deducted from your balance.


You see, sending money from Nigeria to Ghana does not get simpler than this.