How Nii Built A Global Business From Ghana

How Nii Built A Global Business From Ghana

Join us as we delve into a captivating conversation with a software engineer who runs a side business specialized in facilitating payments for creators.

Tell us about yourself and your business?

Certainly! I am a software engineer who is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. In addition to my full-time job, I operate a side business that focuses on helping creators receive payments from their subscribers. Acting as a middleman, my role bridges the gap between creators and their followers by facilitating secure and hassle-free payment transactions.

How has Cashramp contributed to streamlining payments across different countries for your business?

Before discovering Cashramp, I encountered numerous challenges when facilitating customer payments across African countries. The restrictions on local cards and limitations imposed significant hurdles.

For instance, in Nigeria, there were regulations prohibiting the use of local cards for international transactions, with spending limited to $20 per month. These restrictions often prevented creators from receiving payments, resulting in missed opportunities to generate revenue.

To address this issue, I initially set up a company specifically catering to Nigerian customers. However, this solution was insufficient for customers from other African countries like Cameroon and Kenya. This is where Cashramp came to the rescue. By leveraging the Cashramp platform, I overcame these obstacles and streamlined cross-border transactions effortlessly.

Could you share your experience using Cashramp?

Overall, my experience with Cashramp has been seamless and efficient. I’ve collaborated with creators from various African countries. Previously, I had to establish a company in Nigeria to receive payments from my Nigerian customers.

Fortunately, Cashramp enables me to accept payments from other African countries, and the best part is that I receive them in stable USDT instead of my local currency. Customers pay in their local currencies, and the funds are deposited into my wallet as USDT. This feature is truly exciting.

Have you explored other payment options similar to Cashramp?

I frequently come across various payment options and platforms as a software engineer. However, since integrating Cashramp into my business model, I have found it the most reliable and user-friendly option. Based on my positive experience, I have shared Cashramp with fellow developers and will definitely refer it to other creators seeking seamless payment solutions.