Cashramp has made me a “Micro-Entrepreneur” – Joshua.

Cashramp has made me a “Micro-Entrepreneur” – Joshua.

In this brief interview, we engage with Joshua, a tech enthusiast and Cashramp agent, as he shares his journey and experiences. Joshua provides insights into his educational background, passion for digital products, and the decision to become a Cashramp agent.

From exploring the potential of crypto to finding value and rest in his career, Joshua reveals his motivations and aspirations. Join us as we delve into Joshua’s unique perspective and discover the opportunities Cashramp offers.

Please tell me a bit about yourself.

My name is Joshua. I went to Covenant University. I studied information and communication engineering. I worked in IT a bit, post-NYC, but I figured the IT help desk side was different from what I wanted to do. I’m passionate about digital products, and my passion for digital products led me into Tech sales. It worked at the time.

Back then, the tech landscape was crumbling, thousands lost their jobs, and my clients still needed to discover their market fit. So we were always running into roadblocks, and many clients churned. I decided I didn’t want to continue, so I left.

I always try to find value and be valuable, but I also appreciate rest. I’ve seen many examples of people that have stayed in a role that did not fulfil them or even give them time to breathe, and I’m determined to avoid making that mistake.

How did you get to know about Cashramp, and why did you decide that you wanted to be a Cashramp agent?

Before Accrue/Cashramp came into the scene, I watched Helicarrier, Sendcash, Buycoins, and other products. I didn’t get into Buycoins because I was already into Binance. However, I was a fan of the team. I’m interested in products affiliated with blockchain technology, especially crypto. Because crypto levels the playing ground, it frees anybody from the boundaries of a geographical location. I also want to be a digital nomad, so I appreciate the borderlessness it offers.

But since I was preparing for my project management examination and didn’t want to be idle, I started looking for things to do.

I thought about becoming a merchant on Binance, but it was saturated and would have been tough for me to do so. 

During this period, I read an article about how Accrue launched Cashramp. I had a light-bulb moment and evaluated that there would be more traction. Then it made more sense for me to be an agent on Cashramp. Plus, making $160 per month caught my attention.

I’m so excited about the future of Accrue and Cashramp, and it’s just a matter of time before everyone sees it too. I’m loving my experience so far.

Tell us a bit more about your experience so far.

It’s been beautiful. You guys are doing fantastic. I’ve not had any bad experiences. There’s never really been a lag in service. More buzz is coming now as the Cashramp agent network expands to other African nations. The competition is getting healthy. I’m excited about the new products that are coming in, especially with businesses using the Cashramp API.

One thing I’ve also enjoyed doing is having good conversations with customers that I’m processing transactions for. It makes me feel like a part of the Cashramp team, and I’m always happy about the nice reviews as a result of processing transactions quickly. Many users often can’t believe they got their money that fast.

It’s been really lovely, to be honest. I feel like a micro-entrepreneur through Cashramp; It’s just the beauty of building something great. I have no complaints at all. Thank you so much.

How about in terms of how much you make daily/monthly?

I don’t think I’ve ever taken time to calculate it, but I’ve had many good days, and on good days, I make about N9,000. But on average, I’d say I make N5,000 per day. And the fact that I don’t have to leave my house; I just need to process transactions on my phone makes it even more amazing.