Top 5 cards that work for dollar payment in Nigeria

Top 5 cards that work for dollar payment in Nigeria

In an era where the world is more interconnected than ever, having access to reliable dollar payment cards is crucial for anyone engaging in international transactions. Whether for your online purchases or service subscriptions, a dependable dollar card offers convenience, security, and competitive exchange rates.

This article explores Nigeria’s top 5 dollar payment cards. We spotlight the Accrue Card, Grey Card, and Kyshi Virtual Card, each of which brings distinct advantages to the table.

1. Accrue Card

At the forefront is the Accrue Card, a top-tier dollar payment solution in Nigeria. With its seamless and secure features, it’s no wonder that this card is a favourite among consumers like you.

Getting an Accrue card is pretty simple, download the app on Google Play Store or Apple Store, complete your verification, fund your wallet, request for Accrue card and start using it for your dollar transactions– all in one day. The good part? You can spend up to 10,000$ on your Accrue card every 24 hours.

With Accrue card, there are no added charges for international payments or foreign transaction fees, solidifying its position as your go-to choice for individuals and businesses.

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2. Grey Card

The Grey Card takes centre stage as another notable contender in Nigeria’s dollar payment card landscape. If you’re seeking a dollar-card payment solution for transactions, the Grey Card offers a seamless experience for you.

A one-time $4 fee will be deducted from your balance, accompanied by an initial $1 for card funding. You can use your virtual card on USD-accepting sites like EU platforms.

Please note: Grey card exclude Cryptocurrency, Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Betting, or Forex Trading Platform payments.

3. Bitnob Virtual Card

Bitnob enters the scene as a notable player in Nigeria’s dollar payment card space. It offers a unique blend of cryptocurrency and traditional finance, allowing users to hold and spend both dollars and Bitcoin seamlessly. This innovative approach caters to individuals who wish to diversify their payment options and explore the world of cryptocurrencies.

You can get a virtual card on Bitnob with a one-time $1 fee. You will be charged $1 charge for transactions under $100, and 1% for transactions up to $100 or more. Furthermore, an international transaction incurs a 2.5% cross-border fee along with an extra $0.5 charge per transaction.

4. Coinprofile Virtual Card

Coinprofile, another contender in the market, aims to provide users with a comprehensive platform for international transactions. With features like multi-currency wallets and competitive exchange rates, Coinprofile strives to offer convenience and value to its users. It’s designed for those who seek simplicity and efficiency in managing their global financial activities.

5. Kyshi Virtual Card

The Kyshi Virtual Card emerges as a true game-changer for Nigerians like you. Designed to enhance convenience for online dollar payments, this virtual card allows you to create dollar virtual cards for your transactions.

Furthermore, Kyshi implements a tiered transaction fee structure for optimal affordability. Transactions ranging from £/$50 to £/$100 incur a minimal charge of £/$1, while transactions exceeding £/$100 are subject to a 1% fee.

Ultimately, choosing the right dollar payment card depends on your personal preferences, transaction requirements, and the desired level of convenience and security. Equipped with the perfect dollar card, you can confidently navigate dollar payment transactions with ease.