Meet Deborah– a Cashramp agent who makes ~$300 monthly.

Meet Deborah– a Cashramp agent who makes ~$300 monthly.

It’s incredible how one simple decision can become a tipping point. For Deborah and her husband—a Cashramp couple—becoming Cashramp agents was a simple decision that has helped improve their finances.

Join us as we interview Deborah about her experience as a Cashramp agent.

How did you come to know about Accrue and Cashramp? 

I remember having an issue when trading on a crypto exchange, and a friend of my husband introduced us to Accrue for a better experience. He explained how we could transfer our money from the former exchange we were using to Accrue. After a few months, he mentioned we could also make money through Cashramp. He advised us to register on the website. I can attribute my knowledge of these platforms to my husband’s friend.

How has your experience been as a Cashramp agent? 

It has been quite an exciting journey. Initially, when I learned about Cashramp, I encountered some issues while trading on another platform. Fortunately, I managed to resolve the situation and ultimately close my account. I got back to Cashramp. At the time, I needed to make more money, so it came in handy.

What would you say is your favourite aspect of being a Cashramp agent?

 I love the favourable rates,  and the customers are generally pleasant to interact with. Unlike some platforms, where you often face delays and frustrations when dealing with traders, Cashramp has been more reliable and user-friendly.

Since you started working as a Cashramp agent, how much would you estimate you’ve saved or earned monthly?

I began using Cashramp about a month or two ago. So far, I earn about $8 -$10 daily.

So, that’s around $300 per month. You’re doing quite well as a Cashramp agent. Impressive! Is this a business that you and your husband run together?

Yes, we both run it as a business.

You probably have questions such as: What exactly is Cashramp? How did Cashramp help Deborah’s finances?

Simply put, Cashramp is a peer-to-peer payment infrastructure for individuals and businesses that provides quick, simple, and secure cash deposits and withdrawals for businesses and individuals across Africa.

Deborah and her husband are Cashramp agents. From sending money to family members in other African countries to paying for goods and services, they help facilitate customer payments across Africa.

Whether they work as full-time or part-time agents, every agent enjoys the benefits of using Cashramp and earns extra income. It’s incredible how Cashramp has become a part of people’s lives. We love it, and they love it too.

Our goal is simple: we are making sending/receiving money across Africa as effortless as breathing.