A visionary journey from Engineering to Artistry- Izu Okwuobasi

A visionary journey from Engineering to Artistry- Izu Okwuobasi


Hailing from the historic town of Arochukwu in Abia State, Nigeria, Izuchukwu Okwuobasi embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity. While his roots trace back to this culturally rich region, Izuchukwu now calls the United States home, where he has crafted a remarkable career path. As an engineer by training, he navigates the realms of technology with precision and expertise. However, it is in the captivating worlds of photography and music that Izuchukwu truly shines. Founding Louiversal Group, he has seamlessly blended his engineering acumen with artistic vision, venturing into photography and music management with a flair that transcends borders. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Izuchukwu Okwuobasi, a visionary who bridges continents and disciplines to create a harmonious blend of art and innovation.

Transition to Photography

What prompted your decision to become a photographer|content creator? To be honest, it just came from a place of enjoying nature around me. The more I took pictures, the more I felt the need for the world to see and enjoy what I’ve enjoyed. I found solace and inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounded my everyday life. Whether it was the mesmerizing hues of a sunset casting a warm glow over the landscape or the intricate details of a delicate flower blooming in my backyard, I was captivated by the wonders of nature.
As I spent more time immersed in these moments, I discovered a desire to not just witness them but to capture and share them with others. Photography became my chosen medium to freeze these fleeting moments in time, preserving the essence of nature’s beauty. Each click of the shutter felt like a way to hold onto a piece of the world that moved me so deeply.

Looking back, what were your expectations versus the reality of being a creator? Honestly, I never had that many expectations, mainly because it wasn’t my initial plan to become a photographer. The only expectation I had was for people to enjoy each piece of art I’ve created through pictures. Right now, I’ve seen that happen and even go beyond my imaginations. People love my work.

Financial Awareness

One common challenge for creators is managing finances. How have you ensured you have enough to take care of yourself? I’ve been blessed to be in the position that I am. Right now, I work in Engineering, and that has given me enough support to pursue the creative part of my life without breaking the bank. Engineering has provided a stable and reliable source of income, allowing me to invest in my passion for photography and content creation without the constant worry of financial instability. This balance between my engineering career and creative pursuits has been essential in ensuring I have enough to take care of myself. It’s about finding that equilibrium where my professional work supports my creative endeavours, allowing me the freedom to explore and grow in both aspects of my life.

Self-Care and Burnout

Creative burnout is a genuine concern. What signs of burnout did you experience, and how did you address them?
I know it’s time to pause and breathe whenever I stop enjoying the process. Burnout often creeps in when the joy and passion I usually feel for my creative work begin to wane. When I start to feel more stressed than inspired, or when even the thought of picking up my camera or writing feels like a chore, that’s a clear sign that burnout is looming. In those moments, I’ve learned the importance of stepping back and taking a break. I’ll either take time to visit my family, immerse myself in nature with a walk, or simply allow myself to rest without any pressure to create. I’ve discovered that the best ideas often come from a place of rest, when I’m not actively trying too hard to create. By giving myself permission to recharge and rejuvenate, I can return to my creative work with a fresh perspective and renewed energy, ready to dive back into what I love with passion and enthusiasm. This self-awareness and willingness to take breaks have been crucial in preventing burnout and ensuring that my creative journey remains fulfilling and sustainable in the long run.

In hindsight, what self-care practices or boundaries do you wish you had set earlier in your career? To me, it would be moving pictures from my camera to my computer right after a shoot. In the past, I’d delay this step so much that I ended up having to do it over several days. This used to be a very stressful process, as the longer I waited, the more overwhelming it became to sort through and edit the images. I wish I had set a clear boundary for myself to immediately transfer the photos after each shoot, ensuring that the workflow remained smooth and efficient. This simple practice would have saved me a lot of stress and allowed me to focus more on the creative aspect of my work rather than the logistical side. Additionally, I wish I had established better boundaries around my work hours.

Community and Networking:

Building a network can be crucial for a creator’s success. What role has
community played in your journey? I don’t think I’ll be anywhere close to where I am without community. The people around me have been an integral part of my growth. There has been little room for error because someone will always show you a better perspective or strengthen the already laid convictions.

Are there specific networking strategies or platforms you wish you had utilised sooner? Utilising social media platforms like TikTok. At the start of my journey, I didn’t see the need to use these platforms. I believe I would have had more results if I had started immediately.

Balancing Creativity and Business:

How did you balance the creative side with the 9-5 side of your work?
I ensure I give both of them the adequate time they need. When it’s time for work, I won’t try to edit pictures or go through files on my camera. The same goes for work. I ensure everything is completed before the close of work.

What advice do you have for creators struggling to find this balance?
Every day you wake up, make a list of things you need to achieve. Then, try not to procrastinate. You can do this by setting defined times for completing each task.