“Being a Cashramp Agent Brings Me Joy” – Kenny

“Being a Cashramp Agent Brings Me Joy” – Kenny

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the experiences of Kenny David, a software engineer and a Cashramp agent. Kenny shares insights into his background, how he discovered Cashramp and the rewarding journey of being an agent for the platform.

From the convenience of quick transactions to the joy of helping others, Kenny sheds light on his lucrative experience with Cashramp. Let’s explore his story and discover the opportunities that Cashramp offers…

Can you tell me about yourself?

My name is Kenny David. I am currently a software engineer. I studied plant biology at the University of Ilorin. And yeah, some people call it botany.

How did you learn about Cashramp, and How has your experience been so far?

I already heard about Accrue before Cashramp was launched through my Twitter feed. I followed a couple of guys who were using Accrue. They were always talking about how it was helping them to do the DCA thing(Dollar-Cost Averaging), where they get to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in bits and pieces. It was a smart strategy for them to take compared to investing a lump sum at a go.

I downloaded the app for myself to have a first-hand experience and I was pretty impressed by how smooth and straightforward the user flow was, but I didn’t start to use it immediately. I wanted to take my time; as a rule, I tend to delay my decisions regarding money, so I wanted to see how the company would grow over time.

After some time, I came across Cahramp again through an agent’s interview; it was the interview with Olaoluwa. The interview was everything for me, especially how Ola expressed his interaction with Cashramp and how much he made from it. I felt this could be worth it. Plus, I was looking to make money too.

I created an account, joined the Cashramp community on Telegram, and had my here-we-go moment. Since reputable people have talked about this company, it felt right to give it a shot. My first beep in the ocean was 30,000 Naira; the motive was to experience the system. Interestingly, the entire process was pretty simple. I was convinced I made the right decision.

Two things also validated my decision; firstly, I’ve always believed that sending and receiving money shouldn’t be complicated but fast and straightforward. Let’s say I go to a store to buy something; I hate having card issues, and Vendors always need to see the money on time. Sadly, this often affects my shopping experience. The truth is people have diverse reasons for needing money, and often when we need it, we need it urgently. And when we have to wait for an hour or even 30 minutes, let alone a day or two, it ruins our plans.

And this is a problem Cashramp is solving by helping people make money transfers as fast as possible. As a Cashramp agent, I can process a withdrawal in about 15 to 20 seconds. And deposits, a maximum of 10 seconds, as long as your bank sends me the money and I confirm it. Hence, signing up on Cashramp and seeing what it was like to help people make deposits for whatever transaction they wanted to do and also helping them to withdraw into their local accounts was really cool.

Secondly, is the joy people experience when they have their transactions done quickly. When I check my reviews and see people thanking me, I feel they are not obliged to thank me. It’s understandable, though; these things could take time when dealing with local banks in Nigeria. And maybe their interaction with other fintech apps has not been too pleasant. Regardless, when they get their money on time, they seem happy and impressed.

Interestingly, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with individuals who mistakenly believed I was a Cashramp staff. While I always clarify that I’m not an official staff, I gladly guide them in navigating the platform. If they require more formal assistance, I refer them to customer support.

How lucrative has Cashramp been for you?

At first, I didn’t know the things I needed to do right in order to rank well as an agent. However, I always reach out to Clinton for clarity, and he has always been patient in explaining things to me.

Now, on average, I make about 10 to $15 per day, and this is largely because of my liquidity position, as I don’t have much money. I would definitely make more than that if I had more money.